About Us

RC Farma Pharmaceutical Chemical Industry and Trade Limited Company

Our company has been in the pharmaceutical industry since 2008 with the principle of specially developed, high quality and economical price, different from existing products, in the field of natural supplements, vitamins and minerals.

Our basic principle is to offer the most effective, strongest, most reliable and most economical solution with our experienced management and sales staff consisting mainly of doctors in the pharmaceutical industry;

Our Values

  • Respecting human, law and environment,
  • Being socially responsible,
  • Being a researcher and innovative,
  • Being trustworthy,
  • Respecting ethical values,
  • Being focused on customer satisfaction

Product Quality

Pork input is not used in the composition of our products, including the capsule content.

Due to the advanced technology, sensitive quality control procedure and microbiological analyzes used in product production, our products do not contain heavy metals, harmful chemicals, pesticides, pesticides, microbes and radioactive substances, BSE or hormones.